COVID – 19 – Updated Jan 2021

Due to the ongoing situation no in person training is allowed.

I am  offering telephone support, individual sessions via WhatsApp video and Zoom. Please contact me for further information 07790 996791 or pop me an email –
Normal training will resume just as soon as it is allowed and is safe to do so. Further updates will appear on my FaceBook page.

About Animal Basics

Training your dog should be fun for both you and your dog.  If we make it fun and rewarding, the training will be enjoyable and it will encourage us to continue too.

It will produce a strong working partnership with trust and confidence at both ends of the lead. There should be give and take as in any relationship, being aware of how your dog is feeling and importantly, how you are feeling too.

We owe it to our dogs to learn and to understand how they communicate using their body language.  Dog behaviour and training go hand-in-hand, and if the training is right, you cut down considerably the chance of the dog developing habits and behaviour that can cause a problem later.

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We all need to know how to communicate with our dogs. We owe it to them to understand, as much as possible, how they see the world and in turn, teach them how to behave and how to achieve it. What I try to do is to help you understand what makes your dog ‘tick’; to bridge the communications gap and build a working partnership based on trust and cooperation.

‘Animal Basics’ uses up to date positive training methods with rewards such as food, toys, games, and even sniffing!  Clicker training is also taught for dogs and owners wishing to use this method. The dogs are allowed to work out what earns a reward and what does not. Training is set at the individual dog’s level, which means dogs of different levels can work in the same class, if appropriate.  Dogs wishing to join are invited along for an individual session to be assessed to see which class would be most suitable for them.

Animal Basics Testimonials

All our family look forward to Saturday afternoons with Janet. Rubble really enjoys his agility sessions and his listening skills have improved tenfold! Thanks Janet

The Hirons family
Animal Basics Testimonials

Agility for dogs? Yes but it’s only for Collies and the like isn’t it?

Oh no it isn’t! My two little terriers love it – through tunnels, over jumps and climbing up dog walks, there’s so much for them to enjoy. You should see them go! Of course all the dogs doing agility need a bit of training but the emphasis in Janet’s classes is enjoyment and fun. 

David G
Animal Basics Testimonials

We have been going to Janet’s classes since Miss Chief was 5 months old, they have given me more confidence and has stretched a very demanding Miss Chief.  We both thoroughly enjoy the group and look forward to each week’s session. Janet is calm, friendly and imparts her knowledge in a very gentle and kind manner.  I highly recommend her.

Fiona & Miss Chief

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13 hours ago

TRAINING UPDATEWe have had an update from the CFSG. Their guidelines remain the same until the 29th March. This means that training will hopefully be able to restart in person in April. We are nearly there, thank you for your patience and understanding. Individual Zoom sessions, support calls and Mini short courses are available.Contact Janet on 01823 432334 / 07790996791 Email:, or send a PM via this page. ... See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Having passed the box level of our scent journey, we took time today to revisit some of our earlier levels and brush up. Needless to say she loved it :) ... See MoreSee Less
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4 days ago

Yesterday afternoon I went for a walk on a route that I have taken many times before. What made yesterday different was a dog charging up and down one of the fields, no one insight and no one calling. It came closer to me then ran away, it finally stopped by the field gate. I knew that I couldn't let the dog through because I could hear sheep in a nearby field. The dog allowed me to put my lead on to its collar. I always have a spare lead in a pocket. The dog was very trusting and we set off down the lane. It was getting dark and I phoned one friend to check their villages FB page for lost dogs, nothing. This friend also phoned the dog warden. I stopped a vehicle they did not recognise the dog. I set off across the fields towards home having phoned my husband, who set off on his bike to meet me. I then phoned another good friend who got her family involved in the search for the owners. by the time I met my husband I was covered in mud as the young dog was not keen to walk through it so I did. Long story short we were able to reunite the dog and owner BUT it involved my two friends, one of their families my husband and the dog warden. All of this need not have happened if that dog had had a dog tag/ name plate on its collar. I could have made a call and it would have been resolved. The day before I had attended via Zoom an update on Dog Law with Trevor Cooper of Cooper and Co Solicitors. Control of Dogs Order 1992 - states that if a dog is in a highway or public resort the dog must have a collar and tag on. IT IS A REQUIREMNET OF LAW. Be it a tag or a name plate. If the owner or person in charge of the dog permits the dog to be in a public place without this identification a criminal offence is committed.PLEASE CAN YOU ENSURE YOUR DOG/S HAVE AN UP TO DATE COLLAR AND TAG. On it should be your house name or number, postcode and phone number. I know on the odd occasion a tag can fall off, THEN PLEASE get a new one. THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO STOPPED WHAT THEY WERE DOING TO HELP. YOU WERE ALL AMAZING. So pleased it had a good ending. Credit to the young dog for being so chilled the whole way though. ... See MoreSee Less
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