I have been attending Janet’s classes since 2013 with my whippets. All three started with basic puppy training and moved on to more advanced techniques of obedience.

Having sighthounds the various methods which Janet promotes for recall have been invaluable. Learning in an outdoor environment with distractions such as horses nearby, rabbits and the occasional deer reinforce any training practised at home and is more true to life when out exercising a dog.

I will have a new puppy in a couple of months and he will join Janet’s classes. The puppies learn manners which ensures their safety e.g. getting in and out of a vehicle, entering a gate/door calmly etc.

Janet takes into consideration the breed of your dog when giving advice. All my whippets have benefitted from her training and I highly recommend Animal Basics.

Elizabeth Johnstone

Having been with Janet for quite a few years and with different dogs, we have done Rally and agility classes and puppy classes. Janet is very knowledgeable and adapts the lesson to the individual needs of each dog and the handler.

Janet does both rally and agility with her own dogs and has scribed for Rally Judges on a number of occasions, which gives her the inside knowledge of what judges are looking for. She keeps up to date with changes and ideas, which are promptly passed on to dog owner. With website, Facebook page and newsletters you are never out of touch.

Very patient and great at assessing the dogs and handlers to be in the correct class for them and works well to reach achievable goals. Having not really been to any shows we just used the training to guide and educate our dogs and give them fun and challenges. I have learnt so much about my own dogs and to read them far better since attending the classes.

Janet also does one to one training in addition to small group classes.

We have on occasions have had to draw upon her in depth knowledge of canine behaviour and she does do private assessments and assistance in addition to the classes.

The dog training charges are set at a reasonable price and have the access to both outside and indoor venues for seasonal variations.

Suzan & Trevor
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I first sought Janet’s help with some issues our border collie/springer spaniel cross, Cassie, had with other dogs. Cassie was aggressive towards other dogs, lunging and growling at them. It became very difficult to take her out in public places where other dogs were likely to be. Walks were stressful and unsatisfactory for me or Cassie. Cassie and I had some 1 to 1 sessions with Janet where she introduced me to some techniques to calm Cassie and help her overcome her anxiety. We quickly progressed from 1 to 1 sessions to group work at fun obedience classes. Janet always makes sure that dogs like Cassie have their own space and others respect their needs and vice versa. That was three years ago. Cassie enjoys her classes, and playing to her natural traits she has been to fun gun dog, and lately agility which she loves, and rally. Cassie is still not 100% reliable around other dogs and she does like to have her own space around her, but she now comes back to me when called on walks when another dog comes in sight, and she will walk past them on the lead. She is still anxious but using the calming techniques I’ve been taught to use she is more focussed on me and mostly meeting other dogs passes without incident. Janet has vast experience and knowledge which she passes on with fun and humour. She has two dogs of her own, one of whom has some challenging behaviour which I’m sure has helped Janet really understand the challenges some dogs and owners face. She also is constantly learning and attending courses to keep her knowledge fresh and up to date.

I would recommend Janet 100%.  She has helped us so much, we can now enjoy country walks without stress and anxiety. Good for me and good for Cassie 👍

Linda Hatswell

Agility for dogs? Yes but it’s only for Collies and the like isn’t it?

Oh no it isn’t! My two little terriers love it – through tunnels, over jumps and climbing up dog walks, there’s so much for them to enjoy. You should see them go! Of course all the dogs doing agility need a bit of training but the emphasis in Janet’s classes is enjoyment and fun. Yes it’s great if they get a ‘clear round’ but sometimes you just have to laugh at their canine capers. We normally go on Thursday mornings and our day starts with “It’s agility today”, that’s guaranteed to get the dogs going.

David G
Animal Basics dog training

Wilfred and I first met Janet 6 years ago when we joined the puppy training classes. It proved a hugely beneficial way of helping Wilfred learn to socialise with dogs and humans in a safe, friendly and relaxed environment.

We enjoyed our training sessions so much that we have continued through fun obedience and now enjoy Rally.

Wilfred always looks forward to his training sessions and meeting his friends (human and canine!) He uses all the skills he has learnt on a daily basis from polite greetings, being asked to settle, or showing off his ‘wave’ (he has quite an extensive repertoire!) It’s also great to learn by watching others during training, everybody is incredibly supportive.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Janet’s positive, understanding and natural approach in training dogs and their humans.

Natalie Stone
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We have been going to Janet’s classes since Miss Chief was 5 months old, they have given me more confidence and has stretched a very demanding Miss Chief.  We both thoroughly enjoy the group and look forward to each week’s session. Janet is calm, friendly and imparts her knowledge in a very gentle and kind manner.  I highly recommend her.

Fiona and Miss Chief
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I have been taking my two dogs to classes at Animal Basics for a little over a year now.  One does Rally and the other takes part in the Fun Obedience classes.  The remit is about getting the dog to focus on the handler and to create/strengthen that bond despite the distraction of the other dogs present.  Classes are kept small and each lesson creatively designed to challenge both dog and handler to make them think about what they’re doing and why.  The dogs are never scolded; Janet’s mantra is reward not reprimand.

My two love Janet’s classes and have learned so much – my golden retriever is nearly 9 years old and hated strange objects, especially agility tunnels – now he runs through with gusto.  Janet has proved you can teach old dogs new tricks!

I highly recommend Animal Basics to anyone, whether they have a specific problem that needs addressing or simply to give extra mental stimulation to their dog of any age.  Thank you Janet!

Kate, Topper & Cosmo

I enjoy going to Animal Basics dog training with Janet, it has really built my confidence with my dog Rubble and it’s fun for both of us. 

Lauren (14)
Animal Basics

I have been attending classes with Janet Auton for a few years and can fully recommend Janet’s style and method of training.  My four terriers, have attend her various classes and I can honestly say that working and walking with them is now a pleasure and almost relaxing.  Janet has immense patience with the owners and her philosophy and style of positive training encourages the dogs to learn and problem solve. Janet has shown me that each of my dogs learn in different ways and so she has helped me to focus on teaching cues to suit each of their needs, and guiding them (& me) to learn and have fun whilst learning.  All the dogs thoroughly enjoy their classes. There is always something new we are shown, but above all great fun is had by all.

Celia Tickner (known as Woody)
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I have been going to Janet’s dog training sessions (fun obedience, rally, agility, fun gun dog) for 2-3 years, first with my lively working cocker spaniel, Sammy, and now also with my boisterous Dalmatian Dylan. Janet teaches positive reinforcement techniques, building the dogs’ skills and encouraging good behaviours very gradually, step-by-step. Her sessions are always relaxed and fun. Sammy is now 3 1/2, he’s a very happy, confident and cheeky spaniel; he always enjoys the training, especially the fun gun dog; he is very good with other dogs, loves people and works well to the whistle. Dylan is 18 months. A big, strong, happy adolescent, he has made a lot of progress since starting his training with Janet 8 months’ ago. He enjoys his weekly rally training sessions, which are helping him learn to listen to me. Sammy and Dylan are both very energetic – training is a great way to channel their energy and develop their intelligence. The small training groups have also been good for both Sammy and Dylan’s social skills. 

Kind, positive reinforcement training is the best way to build a strong, happy bond with your dog. 

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I got my first dog Dilly ( an exuberant Jack Russel X Cairns ) about seven year ago and wow what a difference having Janet there has made to us as a team and as a family. 

When Dilly and I first started, I didn’t have a clue how to work with my dog, in fact Dilly would refuse to move during class, now, I try and keep up with her as she flies around the agility course. 

Dilly and I have tried most of the courses Janet has to offer, but the one that has fostered the great partnership is agility.  For Dilly, I see this as enrichment opportunity and we love the challenge it offers us, working as a team. 

I have recommended Janet to many friends, because I know she has the dogs best interest at heart, this can come in the form of not only supporting the dog, but also training other members of the family!

Animal Basics Testimonials

All our family look forward to Saturday afternoons with Janet. Rubble really enjoys his agility sessions and his listening skills have improved tenfold! Thanks Janet

The Hirons Family
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